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DRAGON FRIED CHICKEN (No Dragon Were Harmed In The Making of this Chicken) Twice Fried Chicken Thighs, Arroz Chaufa (Peruvian Fried Rice) Chef J's Teriyaki Sauce ¹/2 Trays $55/ Full Trays $85 ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD Grilled or DFC Style romaine, shredded cabbage, carrots, mandarin oranges, cilantro, scallions, peppers, crispy noodles Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette 1/2 Trays $55 / Full Trays $85 POKE POWER TRAYS *Bulgogi. $90 *Bustelo BBQ Chicken $80 *Sweet & Sour Pernil. $80 *Quinoa Congri Fritters $70 -Arroz Chaufa, Cucumber, Roast Corn Pico de Gallo, Seaweed Salad, Wild Mushrooms, Black Bean & Edamame, Mango Kimchi, Fried Noodles, Avosabi Mayo, Chimi Sauce BUILD "A" SAMURAI TACOS TACOS 25/50/100 Comes with Mango Kimchi, Roast Corn Pico de Gallo, Avosabi Mayo *Bulgogi (Filet Mignon $85/$155/$260 *Sweet & Sour Pernil (Pulled Pork) $75/$135/$240 *Bustelo BBQ Chicken $75/$135/$240 BEEF FAJITA SPRINGROLL BURRITO Thinly Sliced Sirloin, Melted Onion& Peppers, Saffron Rice, Vermont Cheddar & Monterey Jack, Dragon Sauce, in a Crispy Flour Tortilla $8 each 10/25/50 BBQ CHICKEN SPRINGROLL BURRITO BBQ Chicken, Black Beans, Saffron Rice, Monterey Jack, Roast Corn Pico de Gallo in a Crispy Flour Tortilla $6 each 10/25/50 PALLELA SPRING ROLL BURRITO Baby Shrimp, Surimi (Crab Sticks), Clams, Roasted Red Peppers, Saffron Rice, $10 each 10/25/50 POT STICKER DUMPLINGS Chorizo or Vegetarian Saffron-Sofrito Dipping Sauce ¹/2 Trays $45 / Full Trays $80 WAGYU BANH MI SLIDERS American Wagyu Steak House Blend Burgers, Mango Kimchi, Cucumbers, Chimi Sauce Brioche Bun $4 each 25/50/100 "EL LECHON" CRUNCH SLIDER Cuban Style Roast Pork, Cabbage Slaw, Chicharron, Brioche Bun Choice of Saffron Sofrito Sweet & Sour or Bustelo BBQ Sauce $3 each 25/50/100 SCALLION PANCAKE QUESADILLA * Grand Cubano Smoked Ham, Pernil, Swiss, Kosher Pickles, Mango Mustard *Chicken Adobo * Sweet & Sour Pernil *Roast Pepper Caprese $6 each 10/25/50 *Bulgogi (Filet Mignon *Baby Shrimp Monterey Jack, Roast Corn Pico de Gallo, Wild Mushroom, Scallion Pancake $8 each 10/25/50 EMPANADAS Beef (Picadillo) Chicken Spinach & Cheese $3 each EXTRA SIDES Arroz Chaufa 1/2 Trays $40 Full Trays $75 Green Mango Kimchi pints $5/Qtrs. $10 Maduros ¹/2 Trays $35/ Full Trays $65 Fried Yuka & Pickled Onions 1/2 Trays $45/ Full Trays $75 Tostones 1/2 Trays $45/ Full Trays $75 Cuban Black Beans ½ Trays $40/ Full Trays $65

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